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We’re looking for a User Researcher to join our design team at Contactis Group. Are you passionate about user research and have the track record to back it up? Want to help shape the future of human-machine communication? Then read on!

About you


You have a proven track record of running user research for both mobile (iOS / Android) and web products. You have experience in all phases of research (planning, recruiting, execution, analysis, reporting, follow-up). You can prove your experience in recruiting participants and managing them. You have great interviewing skills, both in person and over the phone / VoIP. Your analysis is second to none – thorough, balanced and well-presented. Your reports present the results in a concise manner, with insights and recommendations. You are familiar with the Jobs To Be Done framework and other UCD processes. Ideally, you have a Degree in Psychology, HCI, Social Sciences, or a related discipline.


You can tackle even complex problems independently. You can set your own course and choose own tools when a set of goals is agreed upon. You can independently select and apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods, such as usability testing for web, mobile and prototypes, user interviews, field visits / contextual inquiry, both small- and large-scale surveys, diary studies, competitor analysis and benchmarking. You know that documenting and keeping track of your work is extremely valuable.


You believe that a successful product is a result of aligning many perspectives and seemingly contrary priorities. You enjoy working in multi-disciplinary product teams, collaborating with stakeholders and engineers in an iterative, transparent and feedback-driven process. You are a quick learner, great communicator, and problem solver. You are methodical and have a great eye for detail. You are passionate and comfortable with the latest and upcoming technology trends.


You don’t wait until someone tells you what to do – by default you organize your own work and take action. You feel that building products equals sharing responsibility for success. You feel comfortable knowing that there’s no client to say your work is good enough. You know that the world will test our work and are excited about such perspective.


You always know what to put your attention to. You have the ability to change your perspective and find out what’s a low-hanging fruit and what requires significant effort with little promise of success. You can defend your decisions in a team discussion. You have worked with product designers and engineers before. You are great at prioritizing your work and reaching out to your team when something is blocking you.

What you might do

There’s no shortage of things researchers do here at Contactis. Here are a few examples of what you will do with us:

  • Work with key stakeholders to extract research needs, questions and project goals
  • Plan and scope research activities, tailor research methods to our needs 

  • Run qualitative and quantitative research projects from start to finish, throughout the entire product cycle. These may include mobile and web usability sessions, field research, user interviews, surveys, diary studies. 

  • Synthesise research data into actionable recommendations, including highlighting videos from usability tests, writing reports and delivering presentations 

  • Organize and maintain an archive of research activities, results and insights that can easily be shared with product stakeholders and the product teams 

  • Assist the product teams in running any research activities they need 

  • Help grow our company into being truly user-focused

About Contactis

Contactis Group is a little bundle of amazing, interrelated tech companies doing some really exciting stuff in the field of human-human and human-machine communication. We’re currently working on products such as:

  • Lekta – a Natural Language Processing Framework for dialogue interfaces (AI-based stuff, like virtual assistants, bots, voice control, voice-user interfaces, and more);
  • Ratel – an intelligent, omnichannel, context-driven B2C communication platform (including our own messaging app!);
  • Profitelo – a pay-per-minute knowledge-sharing marketplace that works in video, voice and text channels.

The Package

What we can offer you:

  • competitive salary
  • benefits such as private health insurance and a sport package
  • flexible working hours
  • all necessary equipment and software

If you want to have real influence over how our companies in the Contactis Group develop, if you want to feel like what you do actually matters and work with us on the next big thing, then apply below and let’s talk about how we could work together.

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