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Position Overview

Tylko is hiring a market researcher to help us make decisions when it comes to our product portfolio. This includes conceptualising, conducting and analysing quantitative research and colliding the data with the market situation and social trends. This person will work closely with our design researcher who focuses on qualitative, exploratory research and usability testing.

They will be a part of the New Products tribe (the name is self-explanatory, really). This is a group of innovators. We try things out, we iterate, we act quick and learn from our mistakes. We love technology and geek out about furniture. That’s the vibe here, we just want to let you know from the start.

We are looking for an experienced candidate who did similar work before. Knowledge of quantitative market research methods is a must. Having a grasp on user centered design principles, good understanding of e-commerce and some knowledge about furniture market in Europe would be a huge plus. But we know the jacks of all trades are the masters of none. Just let us know which areas of the job description are your forte and which ones you’ll be happy to learn.

Who Are We?

Tylko is a next-generation furniture company founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. We specialise in providing high-quality, easily-customisable shelves that our customers can adapt down to the last detail. We meet the needs of their unique spaces through the use of our intuitive online configurator and Augmented Reality app. Tylko’s team has reconsidered every step of the traditional furniture-buying process in order to create a better, seamless and more personal experience – with a quality product, simple online shopping, free doorstep delivery and effortless assembly. To date, we have served over 30,000 satisfied customers, selling over 35,000 perfect-fit shelves across the world.

What is this job about?

Data informs what we do in Tylko (we have a strong BI team) but ultimately we drive the decisions about our portfolio relying strongly on intuitive understanding of our customers and their homes. This means the job will be about feeding our intuition with information. You’ll help us to better understand the market context. See what colour of the ocean (blue or red) we’re going to dip our toes in. Put a price on the choices we make. Here are some examples of the tasks you might work on:

  • Collecting data on consumers, competitors and marketplace and consolidating information into actionable items, reports and presentations.
  • Providing competitive analysis on various companies’ market offerings, identifying market trends, pricing/business models, sales and methods of operation.
  • Cooperating with the design researcher to deepen our understanding of the role of different furniture categories in our customers’ lives, to provide information to the design briefs and impact design and strategic decisions.
  • Working together with our BI and performance marketing teams to integrate findings from primary research with results from testing and data analysis
  • Managing relationships with research agencies.


  • You get to be part of a young company with vision making great strides and doing very exciting things!
  • You’ll develop personally and professionally – we’re what every service designer dreams about (researching online and offline for true product and service consistency).
  • Your voice will be heard – we don’t throw away any idea or assumption without considering it.
  • Be autonomous – you’ll take full ownership of your work.
  • You’ll rub elbows with some of the most talented specialists in fields that you may have never heard of before (parametric design anyone?) who are also amazing people and great coworkers.
  • You’ll be fairly remunerated – 8500 – 9500 zł gross on job contract ( based on your skills and commitment – as well as recognized for your successes and achievements.

Who are you?

We want a strong and diverse team built from people of different backgrounds and experiences. 
You had an amazing corporate career and looking for a smaller place with more freedom? 

Great, you’ll fit right in! 
You’ve always worked for external clients, jumping between different projects and you dream about working in-house, with a product you believe in? 

Our doors are wide open for people like you!

You spent the last few years as a freelancer but it got kinda lonely? 

Join us, there are many great folks to meet and work with!

  • You’ll probably have a degree that helped you to understand both people and numbers.
  • You tried out different research methods and techniques but are still on the lookout for new ones.
  • Ability to detect trends early and using the expertise to produce valuable insights is very welcome.
  • In our dictionary analytical thinking and strong communication skills are synonymous to the word “researcher”.
  • And even though we are a Polish company, most of our customers are in other European countries, so English fluency is a must, and knowledge of German or French would be a huge plus.

How to get this job?

Firstly, please send us a resume highlighting any work you did connect to introducing new products to the market -

Secondly, we'll invite you to a remote interview via Google Hangouts to get to know you and discuss your projects. We'll give you a short task beforehand to discuss your ideas.

Finally, you'll talk with the Tribe's head and let's hope it's a match from both sides.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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